“Hello World” – the two words made famous by all computer programming guides in their examples for the first program that the reader is expected to write. It seemed like a good title for the first post to start off the ‘kwench blog as well. For those who don’t know (Gasp! is there anybody who doesn’t?) let me start with a quick introduction to what ‘kwench is all about…

‘kwench is a Employee Engagement company. What is that? Well, we believe that employees are the most important resources for any organization that plans to grow and thrive in today’s extremely competitive environment and at ‘kwench we help
our clients keep those all important resources happy. We provide platforms that help companies to engage and motivate their workforce using smart technology. We have highly customized cloud-based platforms that enable companies to reward and recognize, foster collaboration and reward employees across the globe  Now HQ is not the only place where all the cool initiatives get launched.

This blog is a place where we will present our ideas and bring you little stories about what is happening in the space that we exist in – the new approaches, innovations and of course best practices. With some very prolific writers in the team you can expect a lot of content getting posted here (and animated discussions) by the founders and others too.

We hope to spark debate and discussions around what we are trying to do. The team is very excited and we hope you join in too. Please do feel free to leave us comments on the posts or about the blog.

Do join us! The more the merrier!

We love discussions! Please do leave a comment on what you think about this post.

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