If you agree that all this noise about Employee Engagement is nothing but people falling for a fad, then I am sure you agree the following concepts are nonsense too:

  • Providing a secure and comfortable workspace for your employees.
  • Building a culture supportive of innovation and new ideas.
  • Being respectful of others’ ideas.
  • Encouraging teamwork.
  • Being inclusive in decision making.
  • Encouraging collaboration.
  • Being transparent about decision making and performance evaluations.
  • The idea that traditional cash bonuses don’t really work very well.
  • The concept that each generation of the workforce has different aspirations and requirements from the organization.
  • The idea that ethical behaviour needs to be the underpinning of all transactions.
  • The belief that employee health and wellness is very important for high productivity.
  • The concept that good management doesn’t mean barking orders at team members
  • The notion that leadership is not the same as ‘just getting there at all costs’

Here’s Scott Adams poking fun at employee engagement.

He’s joking, and so am I.

But then you knew that, didn’t you?

References and Acknowledgements: Image courtesy of, Dilbert comic strip linked to source at All image copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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