41FNXUmAYRL Fully Charged is a book that explores the concept of Organizational Energy (OE) and its significance in keeping employees engaged, alert and focused on organizational objectives.

So here is the Long Story Short:

The authors provide a guide on how to accurately measure your company’s energy state using the “Organizational Energy Matrix” along two axes (Intensity: High, Low; Quality: Positive, Negative). Then the authors go on to provide answers to questions like how does one identify the components of organizational energy, how does one measure the level of OE, how does one increase the level of OE, how does one decrease the negative energy in the organization.

Illustrated with examples of organizations like Airbus, Novartis, SAP, and Tata Steel that learned how to unleash the collective potential of their workforce, the book deep dives into the role of a leader in moving the company out of “dangerous states characterized by complacency, cynicism, aggression, withdrawal, and other perils” to “a state of high, positive energy–in which everyone is emotionally engaged, mentally alert, and working swiftly and productively toward critical goals.”

A must read for all leaders and managers.

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Here’s a video of the interview of the authors.

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