In case you missed out on the #TweetOrToastQuiz that we have every Friday on Twitter at 1pm IST, here is the complete list of questions for this week. Each question winner gets a flipkart voucher (no limits on how many you can win. Get all 10 right before others and you could walk away with Rs 1000 worth vouchers)

The Answers are below the questions. Come play next week. Follow @kwenchlib on twitter and stay tuned.

1 Q1: Vinod Rai, former CAG of India is often referred to as a crusader against corruption. What was the title of his book?
2 Q2: Kiran Bedi had two bibliographies written about her. “Kiran Bedi, the kindly baton” was one. Name the Second.
3 Q3: The adventures of Asterix was written by Rene Goscinny. Who was the Illustrator in the 2-man team?
4 Q4: Name the amateur Kolkata based detective created by film-maker Satyajit Ray (hint: the name closely resembles a dessert)
5 Q5:Name the Indian author of Birtish descent famous for children’s books like “Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra” (hint:not a 007)
6 Q6: Jhumpa Lahiri’s debut short story collection won the 2000 Pultizer Prize. Name the book.
7 Q7: Phantom comics have been a favourite of children for decades. Name the Creator.
8 Q8: Name the Brand:World’s largest travel guide book publisher.HQ:Australia,Accquired from BBC by American Billionaire in 2013.
9 Q9: Dan Brown is famous for his novels Angels&Demons and The Da Vinci Code. Which was his first novel?
10 Q10: Dilbert the comic strip is famous for satirical office humour. Name the character who is the “Evil HR Director”


And the answers:

1. Not Just An Accountant

2. I Dare!

3. Albert Uderzo

4. Feluda

5. Ruskin Bond

6. Interpreter of Maladies

7. Lee Falk

8. Lonely Planet

9. Digital Fortress

10. Catbert

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