The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day!

Great! But I have always wondered why we need to have ‘Day’s’ to do what you should be anyway be doing every single day of the year? And how is it supposed to work if you are a crabby boss all year round and host a team lunch on this one day?

Well frankly it won’t. But don’t despair: all is not lost! 

If you are one of those awesome managers who has always been serious about engaging team members, stop reading now. Your team is waiting, go celebrate your awesomeness!

For the others, this is as good a day as any to get started! So here are some tips to get you on your way to becoming an awesome boss.

Unfake it: (aka Mean It!) : Okay so lets get this straight – the catchphrase ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ does not work here!

Your team members are smart! (That’s why you hired them) So how does insulting their intelligence make sense? Gathering everyone for lunch today and announcing you appreciate them and starting today you are always available for them for anything and everything won’t get you very far. Chances are the chill in the room will make your soup turn into ice.

Talk less and do much more. Start with the small stuff like small visible appreciations – emphasis on the visible. A timely, personalized and sincere thank-you in front of one’s team means much more to an employee than a five-second mention in the Annual Town Hall nine months down the line.

The Best Things: The best things in life truly are free! While timely and meaningful rewards do work, budgets should not constrain your appreciation. A thank you note, a public appreciation mail, a small impromptu gift, a call to the spouse to tell how grateful you are he is putting up with all the long hours his wife is at work can make a world of difference! A sincere sit-down talk to address an employee’s concerns still ranks near top of meaningful engagement interventions for successful managers.

Peers matter, you (actually) don’t:   It’s the bitter-sweet truth. Peer appreciation matters much more to employees than what the leaders give. And with a generational shift at the workplace, social rules the roost. Empower employees to recognize and appreciate good work and make it visible organization wide! Platforms like InstaPat make this a snap.

Here are some more tips on how to truly appreciate your team today (and for every single day of the year)


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