In today’s corporate world, people always seem to be busy and on the ‘go’; rushing through meetings, attending phone calls, ‘always’ in motion, ‘always’ doing something. And then there is ‘DOWNTIME”. There are sudden free moments when there is a client call getting delayed by 15 mins, extended travel time due to traffic jams and so many opportunities for a breather in between calls or meetings. Instead of reaching for WhatsApp to read the forwarded jokes or news sites – these downtimes can be wonderful opportunities to take charge of our stressful lives and lighten our mind, body and soul.

Unwind the Mind

  • Doing ‘nothing’ sometimes is the need of the hour. Decompress the mind and let the mind wander free; free of any thoughts.
  • Do not reach for some general updates on the net through smart phone or tab immediately, plan or rehearse for the rest of the day. Plan for a health makeover. Log into you #kfit#health app and updates the food logs to keep a regular track, practice simple office exercises, listen to soothing relaxation sounds and meditations videos. An easy task which actually would yield some magic in the mundane routine!
  • Make two lists – one would have all the things you have achieved in your life or in the last week. The other would have things still to be done in the future. Jotting down always declutters the mind and solutions are easier. It helps in eliminating the negative thoughts that cause cerebral congestion. Sense of so much coming to you at once; so much to process that cannot be dealt takes a toll on general well being too. Work efficiency gets affected in the long run.
  • Pick up a real book /magazine /newspaper instead of e-reading. Indulge in the pleasure of flipping through pages, holding a real book. Just see that it not work or study reading though. It has its own therapeutic benefits.
  • Having been thinking of your own start-up since long, but inertia or lack of time is making it push under the carpet always. Use your downtimes to create a map for this journey.
  • Reach Out: Call up family or friends whom who have not connected with recently. Bonding personally gives immense pleasure and satisfaction rather than machine smiley’s and posts.
  • Train and strengthen your mental capacity by solving some good puzzles, sudokos from the #kkfit menu. It is like oiling our wiring in the nervous system.
  • Slow Down: A downtime can as simple as slowing down and taking notice of every chew, every move and stop multi tasking every single time.
  • One of the best ways would to take an incredibly brief nap which enlivens the mind and makes you raring to go for the rest of the day. Refreshing the mind is time well spent.



  • Once you are in the downtime, it’s the ‘me time’ an excellent time to notice the now. Do simple breathing exercises; just calm down and relax. This will oxygenate your body and improve the blood circulation. They can be done without anyone visibly noticing you. Feel the difference in just a few deep and proper breaths itself.
  • ‘Power Of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle suggests simple observation techniques and being in the present moment always to lead a hassle free successful life. What better than to practice this art during the downtimes.
  • Another meditation technique is the ‘Vipaasana Way’. It suggests that one just observes each part of the body one by one peacefully. Starting from the each toe and then moving upwards to the head in a few minutes. Again this can be done when waiting for a client or a meeting to start.
  • Feeling Grateful: Think of a few people or things in your life that you are grateful for. Relive those happy memories guaranteeing a smile on the face.
  • A small visit to a nearby place of worship which is pending since an era will result in a calmer and happier self.



  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) has become a very common phenomenon due to constantly using your fingers, wrists and forearms while working on the screen. This has harmful, injurious and sometimes permanent detrimental effects on these body parts. Utilize your downtimes to do stretching exercises while sitting on your desk. Similarly stretch the lower body parts like toes and feet.
  • Have an hour to spare!! Strap on your #kstep pedometer and take a walk down to the nearby park, art exhibition, fun place, a museum, a nearby book store. Enjoy to the fullest and draw renewed energy and health in return.
  • Posture correction while sitting or standing during your downtimes is equally essential to develop this habit. Slouching, back pain or general body discomforts are common ill effects of wrong posture.
  • An impromptu yoga session of simple asanas or short aerobic workout which can be done within a small space are excellent health steals when time limit is always an excuse. Watch these videos from the #kfit health menu.
  • Adding a small snack time, again a healthy habit to your downtime can work wonders on your waistline. Work this part out with your nutritionist or just remember the basic principle of small and frequent meals on a regular basis. Keep healthy dry snacks always ready in your bag.


Downtimes are to be enjoyed thoroughly in every possible way. Try keeping work related matters away during this period; especially checking mails. Successful people need to measure their time the way one measures ingredients for a cake. So ensure your downtimes are wonderful productive opportunities to reconnect and repair the situations in life that would make you feel good about yourself!

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