Employee recognition is an extremely effective way to empower your best workers. Whether you recognize an employee with a raise or just a quick email, it’s important to let employees know when they’re doing well. However, recognition alone isn’t enough.

If you wait too long to give an employee the credit they deserve, or you don’t sound sincere enough in your appreciation, you’ll miss the power of timely recognition. Create timely recognition in the workplace to engage employees, increase productivity, and build collaboration.


Timely Recognition Reinforces Great Work

By thanking an employee for exceeding expectations immediately, you’ll reinforce the great job they did. An employee who gets credit for good work once will probably repeat the behavior, eventually creating a positive habit and setting a good example for other workers. Wait too long, and you’ll miss the habit-forming qualities of reinforcing great work.


Start with Positivity

Most companies have meetings at least once or twice a week. Start every meeting by recognizing one employee for doing an excellent job. By using timely recognition in front of an audience, you’ll kick off the meeting on a positive note. This will lead to stronger engagement from all employees, and soon everyone will work harder.


Be Specific

Even timely recognition loses its meaning if you’re not specific. Explain in detail the work that impressed you, why it exceeded your expectations, and express gratitude for a job well done. Being specific gives your recognition validity and meaning. It also helps employees understand what sort of work gets rewarded, so they can set goals that are in line with what you want for your business.

While recognizing employees is important, make sure you don’t wait too long. Reap the full benefits of employee recognition by being specific, public, and timely with the credit you give. Watch your employees become more engaged and motivated when you reward great work without delay.

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