Recognition. We all want it, we all take steps to get it and we all feel good when someone gives it to us.

Recognition can be something as simple as a pat on the back for a job well done, a sincere compliment about something we did well, or just being noticed for the hard work we put into our tasks.

This validation of our efforts is important in all aspects of our lives, and can be especially vital in the workplace.

Employees who feel appreciated are happier, more productive and tend to feel more loyalty to their employers.

A Glassdoor study found 80 percent of those surveyed were more motivated to work hard when their boss showed appreciation for their work, as compared to only 40 percent stating increased motivation came from fear of losing their job, or worse, a demanding boss.

Bonuses are one strategy, but there are other more sustainable options which can be implemented on a regular basis, and often mean more than token monetary gestures doled out once in a while.

Cloud based platforms like kudos, make creating a culture of recognition at the workplace a snap! Social platforms like these make messaging, coordinating and announcing meet-ups seamless so that nobody is out of the loop and everybody can participate.

Here are four quick ideas for you to engage your team members right now – no permissions from management required and no major budgets either.

Idea#1: A simple thank you

Those two words go a long way, and frankly, are not used enough by leaders in the workplace. Yes, there is an expectation as an employee to perform well, but showing appreciation and gratitude for those efforts should still be vocalized.

Idea #2: Through the stomach

Make your employees day a little brighter by surprising them with breakfast, coffee or snacks in the office. Those little treats every now and then really help boost morale and are great way to say thank you.

Idea #3: Catch-up sessions

Do your best to have a personable relationship with your employees. Be relatable and never make them feel intimidated to express an opinion. Make time for quick one-to-one meetings to discuss how things are going, and let them know you have noticed and appreciate the progress they are making in their role with the company. Listen to any concerns they might have and be open to suggestions about how to improve the way things are done; they are the ones at ground level and might have some really good ideas about how to maximize their own productivity.

Idea #4: Small gifts or rewards

Treat your employees to gift cards, office parties, raffles or perhaps even an earlier finish on a Friday every once in a while to show them you recognize all they do for the company.

All of these strategies help to create and sustain a pleasant working environment where employees feel comfortable, recognized and motivated to do their best, a win-win for leaders and team members alike.

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