Applying Design Thinking to Employee Engagement

Design thinking is now taking center stage in improving Employee Engagement and Experience at the workplace. Marketers have long obsessed about the Customer Experience (CX) journey.  HR teams at leading companies are now adopting the same principles to better manage and improve the “Employee Experience”.

Remote Working and Employee (dis)Engagement?

"WFH!" came the terse reply from an engineer I had asked for a time to meet up and go over a rather tricky problem. The engineer in question worked for a large telecom company and I was then working for an IT services firm where “working from home” was severely frowned upon. Today that large … Continue reading Remote Working and Employee (dis)Engagement?

Sorry, but we are different!

‘Yes but... we are different’ is an excuse I hear quite often when managers are confronted with the challenge of making radical changes. (or sometimes even not so radical ones) A typical conversation about focusing on increasing collaboration and lowering barriers revolves around these lines: Yes, we know collaboration is key to innovation, but… - … Continue reading Sorry, but we are different!

Building a high-energy work environment

Usually when people think of an office buzzing with energy with everyone in the ‘zone’ they think of start-ups. Small office, people sitting where they can, cheap furniture, lots of wires criss-crossing the floor from all the machines lying helter-skelter all around. For the record, the first “office” ‘kwench had was a living room and … Continue reading Building a high-energy work environment

Happiness: the ‘new’ productivity driver

The latest topic of interest at B-schools interestingly has little to do with finance or advanced operations management and has more to do with the 'well-being' of the workforce in companies. 'Human Flourishing' or 'Subjective Well-being' as some of the Prof's put it, but 'Happiness' to most of us. Research is now showing that contrary … Continue reading Happiness: the ‘new’ productivity driver

Notes to the CEO: Transform your employee engagement strategy [Infographic]

You have tried everything - hiked salaries, given huge bonus payouts, taken the whole company on an all expenses paid trip, there's free food in the refrigerator and even a yoga teacher who comes in every Friday to help the team relax. And yet, you don't see it. There is simply no energy. Products aren't … Continue reading Notes to the CEO: Transform your employee engagement strategy [Infographic]

Social Intranets: Your key to a “Knowledge-Creating Company”

By 2016, 50 percent of large organizations will have internal Facebook-like social networks, and that 30 percent of these will be considered as essential as email and telephones are today. (Gartner Research) Social networking sites are increasingly becoming the primary means of communication among people outside of their workplace. It should therefore come as no surprise … Continue reading Social Intranets: Your key to a “Knowledge-Creating Company”

The benefits of Non-Monetary Peer-to-Peer Recognition

“The deepest human need, is to be appreciated” – Willam James, Psychologist In my previous post on what motivates people at the workplace, one of the major takeaways was how people have a need to feel appreciated by their peers. But does peer to peer recognition really have such a big impact? The short answer … Continue reading The benefits of Non-Monetary Peer-to-Peer Recognition